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A wide range of unique products for indoor and outdoor use in catering or event venues.

Essentials provides stylish and functional furniture for hospitality and events, giving any space an inviting and inspiring atmosphere.

Online shops with a focus on hospitality and events.
Project organisers
Furnishing of commercial and public spaces.
Rental companies
Rental of furniture for catering and events.

unique products for indoor and outdoor use in catering or event venues.

Dancing at a fun party, eating in an atmospheric restaurant or enjoying time in the garden with the family. As a webshop, project designer or rental company, you will see this flexibility reflected in the Essentials range.

Many items are stackable or foldable. Essentials offers a wide range of products for indoor and outdoor use. With matching trolleys, many products are easy and safe to transport.
ESSENTIALS product range
Be inspired by this forward-thinking brand and its carefully curated collections.
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