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Our motto 'Play together to win' returns in all our brands. No matter if it is the style, quality or functionality of the product: we always think together with our partners.

Play together to win

They are just four words: ‘Play together to win'. But to us, they say it all. They are the core of VEBA. We produce, import and export collections to create the perfect setting on a terrace, event or home & garden. We supply worldwide through our sales partners, which consist of DIY stores, garden centres, importers, project designers and numerous webshops.

The relationships with our partners are characterised by personal ties. We want to know what the consumer really needs and discuss this with our partners. We give honest advice, for example on which product fits into the range, which material is most suitable and which trends are worth following. By helping out sales partner come up with ideas and together communicating the inspiration and innovation to the consumer, we do more than most other companies.

This is also reflected in the way we develop and produce our furniture. We produce a large part of our items ourselves. This allows us to offer attractive prices. In addition, our own production enables us to respond even better to what the consumer wants. For large quantities we can even produce customer-specific models or deliver private label. Because we are right on top of production, we can guarantee the high quality of our products. Because quality is what we stand for.
We continue to invest in our collections, production locations and systems so that our partners who sell our products can continue to surprise their customers with new collections and good service, in which everything from order to delivery is well organised.

Naturally, we keep a large stock, so we can deliver orders quickly and flexibly. We can deliver containers or pallets to our partners' warehouses, but can also take on the complete fulfilment process and deliver to the consumer.

VEBA greatly appreciates the input of its partners. It keeps us on our toes and helps us to continuously improve our collection. By translating this into innovative and new products, we in turn promote the competitiveness of our sales partners. This way, we help each other by thinking together. They are just four words, but say it all: Play together to win.


The beginning

VEBA was founded in 2009 by Bart Vestjens and started as an importer and exporter of hospitality and event furniture.

Start of production in Poland

It was soon decided to look for production partners ourselves. The first production partner was located in Poland, Europe.

Move to bigger location

Due to the substantial growth, it was high time to move to a location with both a larger office and more storage capacity.

Construction new location

Within less than two years, it became apparent that even more space was needed. Therefore, in 2018, the construction of the new, and still current, building was started.

Opening new location (current)

The building was completed in 2019, and we moved all stock and office supplies to VEBA's current main location: Tiendschuur 12 in Meijel, the Netherlands.


VEBA is coming soon with a new brand! In 2023 we will launch the new brand innsout. The innsout collection consists of furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. 
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