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Every single day, we work hard to relieve our sales partners. We are doing this by offering various distribution methods. For each distribution method, a process has been developed so that we can continuously keep an eye on the delivery.
Our focus
With dropshipping, VEBA takes all the worries of transport and delivery away from sales partners. During this process we remain in the background, but we are always ready for any support or handling.
From all our production locations, we deliver products directly to our partners' warehouses. We take care of the container and the transport. With container orders it is also possible to produce customer-specific products.
Fully white label
For dropshipping distribution, we work with different EDI links, which automates the entire order process. We can deliver directly to the end customer with our partner's packing slip.
Complete check
VEBA has developed a Track & Trace link in order to monitor the delivery status of all transport partners. This allows us to contact them proactively to keep delivery on schedule.
dealers are central
VEBA consciously chooses not to sell directly to the end customer. The network of dealers around us expands our network. This allows us to focus on production and distribution.
verkopen aan de eindklant. Het netwerk aan dealers om ons heen vergroot ons netwerk. Hierdoor kunnen we ons focussen op de productie en distributie.
large range
Our stable processes allow us to organise distribution at scale. We do this for a large and varied network: Webshops, Wholesalers, Project designers, Importers, Furniture centres and Rental companies. Both offline and online.
“We see our partner as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job to make the partner experience a little bit better.”
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VEBA sees the benefits of dropshipping and has been responding to this for years. The processes for shipping products directly to the end customer are set up from A to Z and are continuously monitored. We take an extra step by automating orders via EDI links; we supply products with Whitelabel order labels and are pro-active in monitoring all current transports via a Track-&-Trace dashboard. Everything is taken care of, from order to delivery.

Container shipping

Large orders are shipped directly from our production locations to the partner's warehouse. A container delivery can also be chosen for a customised product, in which specific wishes of the partner are included in the production process. With our knowledge and experience, we support new product initiatives from external partners. This way we continue to be creative with our partners and can also develop our own models exclusively for them.
"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."
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Delivery from own stock

We are a partner not just in the production process, but also in the distribution and logistics process. We specialise in warehousing and the B2B/B2C transport of our products. Besides wholesale, whereby between 10 and 100 (or more) products can be ordered, it is also possible to opt for dropshipping to the end user.

Designed for dealers

VEBA does not sell directly to the end user. This keeps us loyal to our network of dealers. In addition, all our processes are geared to this collaboration. We take care of good collections, the right marketing materials, fair prices and a perfectly connected supply chain. Everything from order to delivery is automated and continuously monitored to meet the agreements made.
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