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The production process

VEBA is driven by progress and innovation. We invest in machinery at our production sites so that together we can continue to improve the process, develop new products and maintain control over all the different aspects of the production process.
Our focus
VEBA strives for minimal impact on the environment and society. Together we are responsible for a better future; this starts with the design and ends with the life cycle of our products.
 Functional solutions
VEBA develops products that enable the end user to create the ultimate setting in any venue or garden. We go beyond the product. Many of our Essentials products are stackable or have a trolley, for easy transport and storage.
investing in processes
Together with our production partners, we invest in new technologies and machines. This means we are always one step ahead of the rest and stay in control of the production process and the costs. So that we can grow together.
quality is self-evident
VEBA has production partners, each with their own expertise. By combining the knowledge and components of these partners, the product is always of perfect quality. We also draw up quality reports to ensure that everything leaves the production site in good order.
Designed in the Netherlands
All designs and technical drawings are developed in the Netherlands. We then visit the production site to perfect the process and the product. Once the production process starts, everything fits.
control at scale
VEBA has daily contact with all production partners to check that all processes run smoothly. With our knowledge and experience, together with QC specialists on location, we manage all processes.
“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Sustainability is key

We believe it is important to treat the environment and raw materials responsibly. That is why VEBA consciously works with sustainable materials with the FSC quality mark for all our products. Profit is good, but it must not be at the expense of our living environment. We strive to give the next generation a world that looks better than this one. They are the future. We work in and on a healthy business with minimal impact.

Control at scale

Nearly all our products are produced in the Netherlands. This way we can not only respond quickly to our partners, but also guarantee the quality of the products. We constantly keep our finger on the pulse to make sure the product is right. At VEBA we coordinate all processes and ensure that everyone gets what they deserve. From producer to supplier and transporter: nobody is excluded!
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“All production is for the purpose of ultimately satisfying a consumer.”
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Built to last

To ensure the ongoing quality of our products, we carry out continuous quality checks. Quality is what we stand for. We know how to find the right balance between trendy and vandal proof. Whether it's tables, chairs, lounge sofas or a complete seating area, our products are easy to clean and resistant to wear, dirt and stains. In addition, with a team of Dutch designers, we ensure that the products also look stylish and modern.

Great minds think alike

At VEBA we want to grow together with our partners. We therefore consider it important to listen to all our partners. We are in contact with production, distribution, sales and end users to find out what really matters. By allowing each partner to excel in their own right, the production process remains streamlined. We can give everyone honest and appropriate advice. We want to move forward together.
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