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Refrigerator with glass door 380 Liter - Black

Refrigerator with glass door 380 Liter - Black

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Hospitality begins from inside the fridge! Because there is nothing better than being able to offer guests a nice cold snack or drink. The S3BC-I glass-door hospitality refrigerator is a forced-cooling refrigerator. This means that the fridge is cooled in the fastest way possible. The refrigerator has a ventilator that spreads cold air throughout the whole fridge. Besides this high-quality way of cooling, the all-black colour of the fridge gives it a very smooth look. In addition, the S3BC-I has an automatic defrost system and it is possible to lock the refrigerator. This fridge has a gross volume of 373 l. All these features make this glass refrigerator suitable for both commercial and private use.

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Weight 81.0 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 184 cm
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