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We have several brands, all with their own matching product range. From indoor- and outdoor up to products in the hospitality sector. We provide it.
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Whether you are looking for comfortable seating furniture for your living room, stylish bar stools for a cafe, or practical tables and chairs for an event, at Essentials you will always find what you are looking for. Our range includes both catering and event furniture as well as living furniture for private homes. 

The furniture from Essentials creates a warm and welcoming feeling in any room!
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Cooldura is more than just commercial refrigerators and freezers for the hospitality, rental, and event industries. It is a brand that gives you the freedom to do what you love: enjoy life. Our products, featuring the latest cooling and freezing techniques, allow you to enjoy fresh and cool food and drink anytime and anywhere. Additionally, many of our products come with a matching trolley, making them easy to transport to any desired location.

With a Cooldura cooling or freezing unit, you are always guaranteed professional-grade cooling at the highest level!
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Hygienic, foldable and indestructible. These three features characterise Fleider's stainless steel worktables. The tables are ideal for preparing various dishes. The indestructible spacious design with great attention to hygiene makes Fleider a favourite with cooks who want to prepare their dishes on location. With a table from Fleider you can prepare the very best dishes in peace and quiet, without frustration about lack of space.
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No matter if you're relaxing in the garden, enjoying a delicious dinner with friends, or just lounging in the living room, innsout creates the perfect atmosphere with weather-resistant, durable and easy-to-clean furniture. 

Make the most of your moments of relaxation and cosiness with innsout furniture!
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New product sheets!

We have created a special product sheet for the Essentials, Cooldura and Fleider products. This contains all the important information about the product.
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